Cincinnati Assisted Living

The Kenwood by Senior Star offers great Cincinnati Assisted Living.

If you're looking for the very best in Cincinnati assisted living, look no further than The Kenwood by Senior Star. Assisted living at The Kenwood means the very best resident-inspired care that supports a healthy and engaged lifestyle. 

The Kenwood provides unparalleled attention to the changing needs and abilities of each resident, empowering them to maintain their independence. Our entire staff invests time to get to know residents and their families to understand their unique needs and provide individualized care.

Residents experience a detailed initial and ongoing assessment process that evaluates more than 40 physical, intellectual and emotional support and care needs, risks, personal preferences and routines. This assessment includes input from the resident, family, as well as medical and care providers. The result is a comprehensive, personalized care plan that includes restorative, maintenance and sensory stimulation activities designed to help residents continue with their existing routines.

Our personalized approach benefits the entire family; our staff concentrates on providing excellent care while you focus on being with your family member. 

But assisted living at The Kenwood isn't just about caregiving. It's also about providing access to activities and a connection to the local community that helps residents maintain the active, connected lifestyle they are so used to enjoying. That means a state-of-the-art Wellness Center, off-site excursions, access to unique amenities and engaging programming that seeks to inform, delight or entertain residents.

Cincinnati assisted living is being redefined. And it's happening every day at The Kenwood. Won't you join us?